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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Writing Right (or Correctly): MONTEVERDE

     The second pen I have ever used is by Monteverde. It was bought off of ebay for a song, and has not disappointed--at least, not entirely. 
     It's a company that has a little bit for everybody. Their collection is big, and the prices are low. I don't think you'll find any of their pens breaking the $100 mark.
     The Regatta is my pen. It's stylish, with alternating blue and yellow acrylic sealed with chrome bands. When it touches paper, rarely does the ink fail to flow. However, it has a few drawbacks to its design.
     The nibs of Monteverde are very--and I mean very--sensitive. A medium nib can turn broad after a few pages. It is also heavy; the body has more metal than a pen probably ought, and--if you post the cap, which I do not recommend--it becomes so top heavy that it is almost unusable.
     Also, due to the weight, I do not recommend dropping this pen. As a traveling writer, I bring my pens everywhere I go. Because of this, they get banged against my keys, my wallet, and the ground. The Regatta is not that kind of pen. The cap in particular is susceptible to falling apart, and the body with lose its snug fit after a few trips courtesy of gravity.
     All in all, I rate this as a good pen, especially if you can get it used like I did. It gets the job done, and, even new, it won't break your bank. Did I mention that it looks great? It is the kind of pen that you would save for a black tie event. Just make sure that you bring your best suit, because the Regatte will show you up.

That's all from Elliott at the Kitchen Table, wishing his ink would come in the mail.

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