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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Face Locker

     In my search for a new mode of transportation, I have come to the strangest of conclusions. As I have stated time and time again, I am not the most up to date on technology. By the time I was on Windows Vista, they were coming out with 7. I got my first iPod ten years after the iPod was invented, and I joined facebook in that waning year when it was still just for college kids. Yet some how, over night, it seems that facebook has taken over my life.
     No, I do not mean that I spend all of my time on it, or that I lost my life savings to farmville--am I dating myself with that reference? I mean that every single mode of searching, shopping, buying, and viewing is now run through the monolith of facebook. log in with FB!
     Looking for a job? FB it first!
     I don't know if it's bad or good. All I am saying is that it is kind of weird. There was a time when I had a thousand passwords for a thousand different things, that I could say something stupid on facebook and not worry that it will hurt my chances with Arby's. Now, my facebook is the sole representative of myself as myself, instead of a joke that I set up because I really like my friend's older sister. 
     Oh, it was so much simpler back then.
     That's all from Elliott at the Kitchen Table with a coffee and the aftermath of a cold.