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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Two Words to Never Hear Again

     And another year has gone by, and I feel that I am the only one--in the long lists of resolutions, greatest moments, and most tired phrases--who isn't sick (I mean sick) of hearing Fiscal Cliff.
     Perhaps not everybody puts NPR as their main station to work, from work, and whenever getting gas. That doesn't change the fact that this one-two knockout word combo needs to go down harder than a Stickle Brick built Stallone against the physical manifestation of the USSR's Iron Curtain. Not only is it overused and misleading, it's also an utter lie; as it turns out, there was no fiscal cliff. On January the first--the jump day--our politicians "saved" us from this disaster by signing a bill into law too late to "save" us according to every babbling news head and elected official since Thanksgiving. Sure, you can bet that there will be some convoluted rational for it--some long forgotten law regarding the placement of the moon during the changing of the calendars in the HoR. But the long short is this: We, who have been scaring you into voting for us for the past three years with our financial apocalypse talk, have now decided that our man made meta cliff is as irrelevant as the popular vote.
     So join me. Hate this phrase. I deserves it.
     Happy New Year.